Originally from Germany, the Ferbers came to the great United States of America arriving at Ellis Island in the New York Harbor. Their first sight was the newly built Statue of Liberty. They settled in Ohio and after some years some migrated to North Carolina.

My father, Thomas Eugene Ferber (Tom), was the 4th generation Ferber born in the United States. Born in Ohio, the family moved to Hickory, NC when he was 5 years old.

Hickory is where he met my mother, Gloria Jean Kight, born in San Gabriel, CA. They were high-school sweethearts, and they married in 1971. They had three children: me (1978), Sara (1981), and Rebekah (1984).

My dad was a talented carpenter, working on remodels and renovations for the majority of his adulthood. He built the house our family lived in from the time Rebekah was a newborn until the mid 2000s.

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